The Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation “MOFAIC” is the window through which the values of the Emirati society are conveyed to the world. It reflects the vision of the UAE leadership which emphasizes the values of brotherhood and peace.

Through UAE embassies, missions and attachés, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation represents the foundations of the UAE Society and promotes the importance of attaining global peace and amicably resolving disputes through dialogue.

The Ministry undertakes several responsibilities as set by the constitution of the UAE and federal laws and in line with the country’s principles, among them are:

  • Setting and supervising the Country’s foreign policy and all foreign relations including participation in organizations, conferences, and exhibitions.

  • Protecting the interests of the country and its citizens abroad.

  • Entering into pacts and conventions.

  • Gathering, analyzing and evaluating political and economic information.

  • Conducting all ceremonies and formalities for missions that represent the country.

  • Issuance and renewal of diplomatic and special passports for citizens.

  • Providing diplomatic, consulate, administrative and financial information to enable the country’s representative missions to conduct their tasks.

H.E. Abdul Nasser Al Shaali
H.E. Abdul Nasser Al Shaali
Assistant Minister for Economic and Trade Affairs - MOFAIC
"The strong presence of the government sector in the UAEIIC for The international Investors represents a supportive cover and a partner in the success of the private sector’s performance in its overseas investments"