Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) is keen on building strategic international partnerships. The aim is to enhance the UAE’s financial, economic and commercial relations with international and regional organisations and funds, as well as various countries with thriving economies and knowledge-based expertise.

MoF seeks to enhance the position of the UAE and its foreign partnerships through a number of initiatives. This includes effective contribution in regional and international financial organisations, institutions and funds such as IMF, World Bank, the OPEC development fund, Deauville International

Partnership that aim to support economic reforms in Arab countries. Plus, IFAD fund for agricultural development and the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information.


To be a global leader in the fiscal field and to contribute to achieving UAE Vision


To efficiently and proactively manage and develop the federal government financial resources through active fiscal policies, excellent abilities, and local and international relations in order to achieve development, sustainability, and integrity of fiscal system in accordance with the best practices

Strategic Goals

  1. Promote the fiscal planning of the federal government and the general fiscal sustainability

  2. Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the budget and manage the financial position and cash flows of the Federal Government

  3. Maintain the financial and economic interests of UAE at an international level

  4. Strengthen UAE competitiveness in the fiscal and economic field

  5. Render all administrative services as per the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and transparency

  6. Enhance the culture of innovation in the organizational work environment

H.E. Majid Ali Omran
H.E. Majid Ali Omran
Director of International Financial Relations
Board Member of UAEIIC
"A unique privilege the UAEIIC for Overseas Investors demonstrates the feasibility of a partnership between the government and private sector, keep matched with trends in the global economy on the strengthening of the partnership approach between the public and effective tool for sustainable economy and stimulate national and foreign investments"