Ministry Of Economy


Diversified global competitive economy based on knowledge & innovation, lead by Emiratis


Achieve national economy’s development and competitiveness. Prepare for an environment that encourages the practice of economic businesses by enacting and modernizing economic legislations and external trade policy, and developing national industries and exports, and tourism development by developing its products and enhancing its quality, encouraging investment, regulatin​g competitiveness and SME’s sector, protecting consumer rights and intellectual property, supporting the efforts of cooperative societies, diversifying economic activities, popularization of smart apps. All the above should be lead by Emirati competencies in accordance with global standards of creativity and innovation and knowledge economies


  • Innovation: Set up positive atmosphere to assist those appointed internally and externally in the Ministry to help them transform their ideas into distinguished applicable results that serve the Ministry’s vision and the UAE competitiveness.
  • Respect of Rights: Respect employees and consumers, and all customers’ rights as per the economic legislations and established work systems.
  • Sustainability: Do our best to fulfil social and environmental sustainability requirements in all economic activities.
  • Integration : Reinforce collaboration and integration aspect among economic sectors.
  • Competitiveness : Work hard to achieve a distinguished ranking for our national economy, both on local and international levels.
  • Excellence and Team Spirit: Work as one team to spread institutional excellence concept on all levels.

Strategic Objectives 2017 - 2021

  • Enhance the competitiveness and diversification of national industries based on knowledge and innovation.
  •  Enhance the competitiveness of SME’s and national entrepreneurships.
  •  Increase the attraction of investments.
  •  Enable sound commercial and consumer protection practices
  •  Enhance UAE competitiveness in the field of intellectual property, and prepare for an environment that encourages research, development, and innovation.
  •  Enhance UAE competitiveness in external commercial markets and develop its relations with other countries in such a way that best serves its commercial interests.
  •  Reinforce UAE’s position as the best sustainable tourist destination.
  •  Ensure the provision of all administrative services in as per the standards of quality, efficiency, and transparency.
  •  Consolidate the culture of innovation in institutional processes.


H.E. Abdulla Bin Touq Al Marri
H.E. Abdulla Bin Touq Al Marri
Chairman of the UAE International Investors Council