Men From UAE

11 May 2019
ceremony entitled ‘Men from UAE’
Brief: We are all partners in our homeland and committed to serving the interests of this beloved country--in his own way and capacity.
We strongly believe in how important it is to embed and foster a culture that gives thanks, promotes positivity and encourages aspirations as to how we should look forward to the future, which prompts fellow countrymen to be persistent and drive in key development that looks towards reinforcing a collective sense of responsibility--ultimately resulting in our wise leadership's key confidence and improving our people's capabilities.
In line with this, we would like to share with you several of the country's finest leaders, whom we are proud of and truly appreciate, especially for their key sense of responsibility, patriotism and their sincere desire to be game changers of the UAE. 
The 'Men from UAE' campaign, an initiative being organized by the Emirates Overseas Investors Council, is a list of UAE Nationals that we are proud of and leading national figures who have been instrumental in the country's continuing efforts to establish strong business and investment standards.