Objectives of the COUNCIL

To act as a link between the council members and UAE governmental Establishment to serve the best interests of the national economy.
To provide a platform supporting, protecting, promoting and expanding the interests and objectives of UAE international investors.
To coordinate the positions of Council members in order to eliminate the obstacles facing UAE international companies.
To collect and share information on the national investments abroad, assess the effects of economic measures imposed by the host countries on UAE economic interests.
To represent the Council members at meetings with third parties in the countries hosting UAE investments to realize the interests of the investors.
To build a database of foreign investment opportunities and perspectives of the various foreign markets. 
To provide accurate analyses on the investment environment in global markets. 
To provide governmental entities with opinions and suggestions on policies, agreements and laws relating to international investments.
To take any action necessary in order to achieve these stated objectives, and to initiate any range of activities that aim to promote UAE investments abroad.