His Excellency Walid Irshaid

01 Dec 2022
UAE International Investors Council - UAEIIC SPECIAL EDITION LEADERSHIP 2022
H.E. Walid Irshaid 
• Leading and championing data services development and deployment with Emirates Telecom ( Etisalat ) of UAE throughout my tenure between 1981 & 1996 . Participating and leading the launch of many advanced and projects of first in the region which included Public mobile , public internet and and public media & TV services . Many of these services and projects placed Etisalat as being the largest and most advanced operator in the whole MENA region and globally in early years.
Digital & ICT Experience in MENA & South Asia At Glance
His Excellency Walid Irshaid 
• Joined Investcom Group ( Mikati Group ) in Lebanon as Managing Director to build and develop data & Internet services in Lebanon in 1996.
• First Managing Director of Palestine Telecom PALTEl in 1997 in West Bank & Gaza . Rejoined PALTEL Board in 2003/2004 . This period witnessed an accelerated and outstanding achievements in the early formation days.
• Joined FLAG Telecom in 1998 as president for Middle East & Africa region . FLAG , currently known as Global Cloud Exchange, operates an international Submarine cable connecting Carriers around .This tenure , extending between 1998 to 2006 , was crowned & culminated by unprecedented and resounding success of launching and completing multi million of new project the FALCON connecting 13 Countries in the region. 
• Hand picked by Etisalat in 2007 as Group President & CEO for transforming & growing one of the their major and international Subsidiary Pakistan Telecom PTCL operating both Mobile & Fixed Telephony . Leading a journey of holistic transformation and continuous growth and value creation till 2016.
• Represented multiple companies and associations on the Board and Advisory committees.
• Currently pursuing Digital & ICT Consultancy & Advisory services :
Advised International company on launching an African Satellite for internet connectivity. 
Advised global telecom vendor for operational cost optimization for their respective clients in MENA.
Advised Private investment Group on Telecom Tower sharing business viability. 
Advising governmental agency in UAE on the prospects of mission critical & emergency communications.
Long-standing , accomplished and all rounded ICT and digital professional actively and very passionately participating in many forums and dialogues involving Digital Transformation , Advanced Connectivity and emerging digital trends impacting many facets of daily life and businesses practices. 
Wide & global circle of connections and networking commanding respect , recognition & integrity.